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What we offer


Our team of counsellors, drawn from many denominations, are all trained to an Advanced Level in Biblical Counselling. Counselling is open to anyone (whatever their religion) who would like to talk confidentially to a counsellor. We also counsel children and teenagers.



At the Christian Counselling Centre we offer a two-year Lay Christian Counsellor Training Programme. The training consists of three phases: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses. We also run a School Counsellor Training Course.


Throughout the year we also host community events which help raise funds for the Christian Counselling
Centre. Craft Fairs and Baby Fairs. Our premises and the Soteria Training Centre Complex are available for hire.

Courses & Seminars

Each term we run a series of exciting seminars or courses on different topics like Grief, Marriage, Parenting, School Counsellor Course, Ladies’ Breakfast etc. – All designed to bring hope and healing to your life and relationships.

Articles & Testimonials

Church Face, School Face, Home Face

Will the real ME please stand up? by Kristen Young Are there different versions of You? Maybe there’s School You: you’re polite and obedient to teachers, then complain about them in the playground. Perhaps the Friend You is different again - maybe you feel like you...

Combating Sexual Abuse in Modern Society

by Justice Marwisa Introduction Sexual abuse has become pandemic, not only in Zimbabwe, but the rest of the world. Each country has its own appalling tally. India has a population of approximately 1.2 billion; a rape occurs every 20 minutes. In Denmark one in five...

Are you a mistake?

Four months ago we had our fourth little boy! What a joy he is to all of us and the bigger boys just adore him, although I wonder how they’ll feel when he starts stealing their chocolates! These are some of the comments I have received from others on having four boys;...

Secure in God’s Love

by Ian Rea Motivational speakers are always quick to point out that we grow when we are forced out of our comfort zone. I agree. In April, we went on a holiday that took me so far out of my comfort zone that it looked like a ship disappearing over the horizon. It all...