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What we offer


Our team of counsellors, drawn from many denominations, are all trained to an Advanced Level in Biblical Counselling. Counselling is open to anyone (whatever their religion) who would like to talk confidentially to a counsellor. We also counsel children and teenagers.



At the Christian Counselling Centre we offer a two-year Lay Christian Counsellor Training Programme. The training consists of three phases: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses. We also run a School Counsellor Training Course.


Throughout the year we also host community events which help raise funds for the Christian Counselling
Centre. Craft Fairs and Baby Fairs. Our premises and the Soteria Training Centre Complex are available for hire.

Courses & Seminars

Each term we run a series of exciting seminars or courses on different topics like Grief, Marriage, Parenting, School Counsellor Course, Ladies’ Breakfast etc. – All designed to bring hope and healing to your life and relationships.

Articles & Testimonials

Training our Children for Life

Nothing can erase the memory of the day you brought your little one home from the hospital. A day that was both exciting and extremely terrifying at the same time. At this point your precious baby was totally dependent on you for all his/her needs. This season of...

Your Genes – Wear Them Well

A well-known coach was once asked by a would-be sportsman what the most important thing was for him to become a champion. The coach thought for a while before uttering the smart response: “Choose your parents wisely.” A large number of people, especially teenagers,...

Building trust in marriage

Introduction “King Edward VII of Great Britain was quite a playboy in his day, and his wife, Queen Alexandra had often ignored his infidelities and wild escapades. As he lay on his deathbed, his faithful wife was grief stricken until one reassuring thought occurred to...

Interdependence – a key to spiritual growth

Beware of Independence! Due to my upbringing and culture, I tend to equate maturity with independence. A child – or so the thinking goes - is dependent on its parents, but an adult should not need to depend on anyone. I don’t think I am alone in this belief. As...