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Loving Marriage by Ian Wilsher is the new, updated version of “Restoring Relationships.” Four new chapters have been added.

Chapters include: God’s design for marriage, conflict resolution, Restoring trust, Managing finances, the sexual relationship and learning to love again. Hundreds of couple have been helped by this workbook which includes questionnaires at the end of each chapter.

What brings change? dealing with the past, God’s design for intimacy in marriage, communication, managing anger, resolving conflict, managing finances in marriage, restoring love, respect and trust in a relationship, the love-respect cycle, sex, how spirituality affects a marriage.


Why you should read this book:

  • Real success and fulfilment involves succeeding in relationships
  • Left to themselves relationships deteriorate
  • No marriage is perfect and every relationship can improve and grow in some way
  • A good marriage provides a foundation for a secure family environment
  • A secure family environment gives children a good start to life
  • Working through your problems provides a role model for your children to follow
  • Divorce is painful and devastating for everyone concerned

This revised edition is now available from the Counselling Centre Reception for $20.00.

About the author

Ian Wilsher has been involved in counselling and teaching marriage principles for over 30 years. For 11 years he worked as a Pastor of a growing and active Community Church and in the past 20 years he and his wife Adie, founded and directed the Christian Counselling Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe