Child Counselling

The Child Counselling Department at the Christian Counselling Centre was started by Di Smart in 2001. It has helped hundreds of children overcome difficulties like bullying, divorce of parents, sexual abuse, anxiety, trauma, stealing, bed-wetting etc. The Play Room is equipped with toys, sand-pit, painting, crayons, play-dough as well as counselling “games”, like The Grief game.

The Child Counsellors are trained as regular counsellors and then undergo our special training programme to qualify as child counsellors. Children are brought by their parents to the first session and the counsellor has a session with them to explain how the counselling will work. The child’s right to confidentiality is respected just as with adult clients.

It is a delight to see children often running to the Play Room, so eager are they for their sessions. They are our most vulnerable and precious clients and we count it a great privilege to be able to help them as they wrestle with different issues in their lives. We endeavour to give them tools to cope with the situations in which they find themselves.