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Restoring Relationships by Ian Wilsher
A Workbook to restore and deepen your Marriage

Restoring Relationships Book Cover
The Christian Counselling Centre has either developed their own courses or used internationally attested ones. One such unique course is “Restoring Relationships” which is designed to help couples build and restore their marriages. The course’s success led to Ian Wilsher writing the book “Restoring Relationships”This means the course material is now available to any couple wanting to improve their marriage.

The book has exercises at the end of each chapter, which enable a couple to convert theory into practice. The book also makes the material available to Pastors, Ministers and Counsellors. Marriage counselling s time and energy consuming. This workbook is a much needed instrument in helping those in time-constrained environments to bring healing to hurting marriages. The book costs $USD 20 – plus postage. Please contact us if you require delivery outside of Zimbabwe.

Restoring Relationships Book Review

The following review appeared in the September 2007 edition of Accord” the magazine of the Association of Christian Counsellors , United Kingdom: Restoring Relationships – By Ian Wilsher ISBN 07974 3055-5

“As a counsellor who frequently works with couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships, I was excited to be given this book by Ian Wilsher to review. Ian and his wife Adie have been involved in counselling and marriage ministry for the last twenty years, firstly as pastors in a large Community Church and then as Directors of a Christian Counselling Centre, which they founded in Harare, Zimbabwe. The book is written in the form of a workbook, which has twelve chapters. Each chapter looks at a particular topic in some depth. Chapter 1 asks he question: “What brings change?” Other chapters look at communication, managing anger, resolving conflict restoring respect, dealing with the past, restoring the pleasure, restoring the relationship with the Lord and finally what is needed to maintain the couple’s new restored relationship. The book is written in an easy to read style, with many helpful illustrations throughout the book. At the end of each chapter is an exercise for the couple to work through individually and then to discuss heir answers together. I thought that the chapter on “Trust” was particularly good as lack of trust is a particular issue that may couples struggle with after one partner in the relationship has had an affair. This chapter gives some very constructive advice on how trust can be rebuilt. This book will be an excellent resource for counsellors who are working with married couples and the exercises can be given for homework between sessions. This book will also benefit every married couple that want to refresh and enhance their relationship. I would recommend that every counsellor who is involved in couple counselling have this book on his or her bookshelf.” Julie Lancaster – Counsellor UK


Good News – A Gospel Presentation DVD
This DVD gives a clear explanation of the gospel.


It will help any person to clearly grasp the concept of salvation by faith alone. Many in Zimbabwe and elsewhere are sincere in wanting to follow the Lord but do not understand the Good News – that salvation is a free gift – not something to be earned by self-effort.

If you want to present the gospel to non-believers this DVD will give you clear guidelines.

The 20-minute presentation by Ian Wilsher filmed at the Christian Counselling Centre, is a must get for anyone seriously considering how to reach out to others with message of the cross. The DVD can be sent to you for a love offering of USD5.00 plus postage.

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