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The Christian Counselling Centre is a non-profit registered Trust that offers counselling to anyone who would like to talk confidentially to a counsellor concerning any problem. Our volunteer, multi-denominational team of counsellors is trained to an Advanced level in Christian Counselling. In addition to providing counselling and counsellor training, the Centre offers seminars and workshops for various areas of need. (Marriage, Parenting, Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, etc.)

The founders of the Christian Counselling Centre, Ian and Adie Wilsher, have been involved in counselling and teaching marriage and family principles for 26 years. For 11 years Ian and Adie worked as pastors of a growing and active Church (Northside Community Church). They had a dream to establish a Counselling Centre in Zimbabwe. In 1996 they were led to start the Centre in Harare.

Articles & Testimonies

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